• To Fast or Not to Fast

    Have you been skipping breakfast before your lab exam? Good news, recent studies show that most labs do not require fasting for most blood tests any longer! There remain a few that require fasting, but most routine lab work can be done any time throughout the day. Your primary care provider can discuss your specific lab needs, be sure to ask about fasting before you schedule your lab appointment

    What is Fasting?
    Fasting means not eating or drinking anything besides water before your lab appointment. You may be instructed to fast for up to eight hours before your lab appointment.

    Why is Fasting before Certain Lab Tests Required?
    For certain lab tests, it is required to fast before your appointment because the accuracy of the test can be improved. When you eat and drink, the nutrients you consume can impact factors measured by certain tests.

    What types of blood tests require fasting?
    Blood tests that require fasting are glucose tests that check blood-sugar levels and tests that determine your cholesterol, triglycerides, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels. Other lab tests may require fasting, which is why you should ask your provider before your scheduled appointment.

    Lab Services Available Across Southwest Florida
    Millennium Physician Group has lab locations all across SW Florida for our patients’ convenience. Most of our lab locations accept appointments to minimize your wait times. We have lab maps available for you that have location addresses and phone numbers to assist you.

    Click here to print Millennium’s Lab Locator Card for Charlotte County

    Click here to print Millennium’s Lab Locator Card for Collier and Lee County

    Now Offering Online Lab Appointments
    Not only can you eat your breakfast before your lab appointment, you can now book your appointment online! No more long waits on the phone, you can now book an appointment with the click of a button.

    Click here to schedule an appointment now. Locations for our online lab appointments will be posted on the website. Keep a look out for more locations coming soon!

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