Our Leadership

Brian Fox

Chairman of the Board

Kevin Kearns

Chief Executive Officer, Millennium Healthcare

Geurt Peet

President, Millennium Healthcare

David McAtee, D.O.

Chief Medical Information Officer

Juan Rivera, M.D.

Chief of Inpatient Services

Alejandro Perez-Trepichio, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Rick Waks, D.O.

Chief Medical Compliance Officer

William Hayes, D.O.

Medical Director, ACO

Roy McKinley

Chief Operating Officer

Gary Delanois

Chief Financial Officer

Bob Bray

Chief Administrative Officer

Gale Pearce

Chief Population Health Officer

Jeffrey Nelson

Chief Information Officer

Todd Gannon

Chief Analytics Officer

Tina Tolliver

Chief Compliance, Ethics & Risk Officer

Jeffrey Pakrosnis


Hugo Myslicki

Senior Vice President, Business Development