David W. Kutob, M.D.


Family Medicine

David Wayne Kutob, M.D. is a graduate of the Tulane University School of Medicine. During his time spent he engaged in Pharmacology research as well as completing fellowships in Ob/Gyn and Surgery. Post-graduation he completed rotational training in General Surgery at the UT Southwestern Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

Dr. Kutob has been practicing since 1983, most recently working at the St. Francis Medical Center in Louisiana since 2010 and splitting time over the last 4 years at the Lehigh Regional Medical Center. Where he has a held full-time role as an ER Physician levels 3 & 4 Rural Hospitals. Dr Kutob’s interest also include Family Practice Physician for Air Force personnel, retirees and dependents. Also Directing and working in work comp clinics where he increased usage of medical Spanish while gaining familiarity with full time occupational medicine.

Dr. Kutob holds Medical Licensures in Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, Oklahoma and North Carolina. His certifications include but are not limited to Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Medical Review Officer, FAA Aviation Medical Examiner, Florida Workers’ Compensation Provider Certification and NIOSH Pulmonary Function Certified Trainer. In his spare time Dr. Kutob enjoys photography, traveling, karate and airshows as well as completing further CME courses.