Imaging Centers Overview

Millennium is proud to bring imaging services to our patients, with a variety of services offered at multiple locations, we are here to take care of all of your imaging procedures.

All of Your Imaging Needs in One Organization

Imaging Locations Across Florida

Millennium Physician Group is proud to offer our community members access to our own Millennium-owned Imaging Centers across Florida.  These Centers are home to the area’s top Radiologists and Imaging Care Teams who are dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best in Imaging Care. Located throughout the state, all of Millennium’s Imaging Centers are accredited and held to the highest standards of patient care.

When a patient sees a Millennium healthcare provider and then goes to a Millennium Imaging Center, the continuation and coordination of care that you – our patient – receives is top notch. Our Millennium Radiologists communicate directly with your healthcare provider through our organization’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This mean that your healthcare provider receives your test results faster and more efficiently.  And most importantly? You get the answers about your health much faster.

Ask your Millennium healthcare provider about the benefits of utilizing a Millennium Imaging Center. Our team will be happy to share more about how our physicians and advanced providers work directly with our Radiologists.  Being such a large medical family means we all work together for the betterment of our patients and to improve our communities.

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