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  • Navigating Medicare and making it easier to make an enrollment decision

Learn the Medicare basics.

 65+? Open Enrollment ends December 7.
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Score a healthcare win during the Medicare Open
Enrollment Period. You have options!

It’s been called Medicare’s main event: Open Enrollment (also known as the Annual Enrollment Period), and it runs October 15 through December 7. Whether you’re already enrolled in Medicare or you’re almost 65, you have options when it comes to coverage, and now is the time to get in the game and score a healthcare win.

Leading up to this important kickoff, you’ve no doubt seen plenty of reminders in your e-mail and snail mailboxes, as well as on TV and radio. But why all the hype? Your health … that’s why!
Whether you’re aging into Medicare, or you’ve been covered for years, these eight weeks are your opportunity to compare benefit options and make sure you have the absolute best health coverage for you. And you’re calling the plays!

You can opt for original Medicare coverage, which is Medicare Part A (hospital coverage) and Part B (doctor coverage), but you’d be on the hook for 20 percent of your expenses. That means you’d have to pick up additional drug coverage, or a supplement to cover out-of-pocket costs.

Or you can compare the many options available from Medicare-approved private companies offering what are called Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C). These all-in-one plans often include drug coverage, hearing, vision and/or dental, plus they can be low-to-no cost and offer spending caps.
It’s game time! We hope you’re warmed up and ready to get in the game. This enrollment period is your chance to score a healthcare win!
Are you ready to enroll, learn more, or compare coverage? Millennium Medicare Connect gets you started in the right direction. Check us out at or call our Medicare Navigators with HealthShare360 at 844.878.5012.
*Source: Medicare and You 2021 Handbook

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You really should look into your different options
and see what's available and works best for you.
It's one of the best benefits of turning 65.”

Getting Older Has Its Advantages! If you’re one of the more than 4 and a half million Floridians enrolled in Medicare, starting October 15 you can review your options and make some changes. It’s the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, and Millennium Physician Group Primary-Care Provider Rick Waks, D.O., warns there’s one thing that’s non-negotiable.

“They want to make sure that their primary care and the specialist that they want to see are available on that plan.

Most Medicare Advantage plans have extra benefits beyond what original Medicare offers such as:
● dental care
● eye exams
● glasses and corrective lenses
● hearing tests and hearing aids
● wellness programs and fitness memberships
● transportation and stipends for over-the-counter necessities

“I would say it’s absolutely a great option,” advises Dr. Waks. “A lot of the patients will get cheaper copays, cheaper medications.”

No and low-cost plans and out-of-pocket caps can be attractive. Dr. Waks says compared to 10 years ago, he is seeing double and triple the number of patients opting for Medicare Advantage plans.

“The Medicare Advantage plans offer a lot more options,” he says. “Things can be cheaper, more tests available. Different doctors are in these plans. You really should look into your different options and see what’s available and works best for you. It’s one of the best benefits of turning 65.”

To learn more about Medicare Advantage and which plan might best suit your needs, head to or

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Millennium Medicare Connect: The right Medicare
resources and the right Medicare partners

Whether you’re over 65 or almost there, there’s no doubt you have questions about Medicare. We know it’s complicated, and we have your answers. Our Millennium Medicare Connect program connects you to the right Medicare resources and the right Medicare partners. You can talk to someone who understands your coverage concerns and help pinpoint the perfect plan for you.

We asked retiree Norma about her Medicare coverage, and she was brutally honest, “Yeah, I have Medicare insurance, but I don’t know what plan it is.”Norma’s not alone, two-thirds of Medicare enrollees find their insurance confusing and difficult to understand. How can you, and retirees like Norma, get the absolute best plan if you don’t know what’s out there?

That’s why we created Millennium Medicare Connect and partnered with the Medicare experts at HealthShare360. Together, we’re bringing you the resources to best understand Medicare and what’s available to you, because you need to feel confident you’re choosing the right Medicare coverage.

You can talk to our trusted Medicare Navigators with HealthShare360 as an unbiased source of information, with the goal of making Medicare work better for everyone. Get your questions answered, learn the latest plan benefits, compare options, and enroll. You’ll get personalized service to find the right doctors and right hospitals, the best prescription plans, and the extra benefits, like dental, vision, hearing, and more.

Everyone is different and so are their Medicare coverage needs. Norma explains what is most important to her when weighing her Medicare coverage options, “Any bad thing happens to me, I like to know that my insurance covers everything.” You can go online and use our online product comparison tool to see all the products, benefits, and premiums available wherever you are!

Millennium Medicare Connect, and HealthShare360: Together, we’re your trusted source of information to help simplify Medicare and conquer the confusion of this complicated and oh, so important healthcare decision. Connect to the right Medicare resources, the right Medicare partners. Learn more at

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