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COVID-19 cases are ramping up, and while the numbers of vaccinations are increasing,  hoaxes and misinformation are showing no signs of slowing down. Millennium Physician Group Chief Medical Officer Alejandro Perez-Trepechio sets the record straight.

MYTH: I had COVID-19, so I don’t need a vaccine.

“The question that we often get is that I had COVID, I don’t need the vaccine,” says Dr. Perez-Trepechio. “The facts are that when we get vaccinated, the level of antibodies that we obtain through vaccination are significantly higher than those that we will get through getting COVID itself.”

MYTH: The COVID-19 vaccine will change my DNA.

“Among the circulating fallacies is that the COVID vaccination will get into our DNA and produce a lot of alterations,” he says. “This is simply not the case in the present COVID vaccine approved in the United States.” 

MYTH: I have pre-existing conditions, so I shouldn’t get vaccinated.

“Another important aspect we should always remember is that those that have pre-existing conditions are perhaps the most important people to be vaccinated. Why? Because the sum of more conditions that keep adding up, this adds to your risk: to your risk of contracting COVID, not of receiving the vaccine.”

MYTH: Getting vaccinated will affect a women’s fertility.

“In terms of the vaccine and infertility, there are not large sets of data that to this point have proven that there is a correlation or a significant implication in infertility by those who’ve been vaccinated”.

FACT: Vaccines are an important tool in ending the Pandemic.

“If I have to summarize and say something about the vaccine, it’s very important to get vaccinated,” emphasized Dr. Perez-Trepechio. “There is no way of getting out of this pandemic without the help of such an important tool.”

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