Compliance & Ethics

You can find all of your Compliance, Privacy and Ethics needs all in one place. Our dedicated department of Compliance & Ethics is here to help our patients and team members navigate through the complex world of compliance.

Compliance & Ethics

The Moral Compass for Our Organization 

Integrity. Honesty. Patient-centered care. These are not just words at Millennium, they are the core of who we are. Our Compliance and Ethics program is the Moral Compass of our company and it ensures that we are always pointed in the right direction. Our Compliance and Ethics team are experts in their field and dedicated to ensuring Millennium stays focused on our mission, vision and values. Our healthcare providers and team members recognize our main responsibility is to protect and care for our patients. This is the very heart of our mission within Millennium.

Ethical action goes beyond compliance. Our Compliance and Ethics program ensures that we, as an organization, remain focused on what is right, ethical and fair for our patients, healthcare providers and team members. To succeed Millennium strives to create trust amongst our team members and earn the trust of our patients and the community at large. Our programs, policies, procedures, and on-going training set Millennium ahead for a compliant, ethical, and stable medical practice. We thank you in advance for choosing Millennium Physician Group as your healthcare partner and we will continue to keep your privacy as a patient our utmost important task!

How to Reach Our Team

You can find all of your Compliance and Ethics needs in one place. Our dedicated professionals in the Compliance & Ethics department are here to help our patients and team members navigate through the complex world of compliance.

For compliance questions or to report a compliance issue, you may reach our Compliance Officer and team members by calling 239-232-2950 or emailing us at

For all patient-related experiences, complaints or concerns, click on the Submit Feedback button below or call the Patient Experience Hotline number (855-674-3868). You can leave a brief message of your experience, complaint, and/or concern and the Complaint Resolution Department will return your call to obtain additional information to resolve your concerns.

Please Note: The Submit Feedback option is not intended to share personal health information and is for NON-MEDICAL communication only. If you have specific questions regarding your physician or care, please call the office directly or submit a question through the Patient Portal which goes directly to your provider.

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