We offer many types of skincare services. We’re devoted to accurately diagnosing skin issues so we can provide effective treatments that improve the quality of life for our patients throughout the Fort Myers, FL, area.

We’ve built a reputation for our high quality of care and are devoted to making you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door. Dr. Martin is always honest and offers an accurate diagnosis of many skin problems.

Our knowledge will always help you achieve a lasting solution. Before we begin treatment, our team will explain every detail to you.

Introducing Our New Fort Myers Dermatologist Team!

Why Choose Us?
• Personalized Treatment Plans
• Knowledgeable Dermatologist
• Industry Leading Techniques
• Welcoming Atmosphere

Areas Of Expertise:
• Comprehensive Skin Exams
• Geriatric Dermatology
• Precancerous Lesions
• Skin Cancer
• Moles
• Skin Biopsies
• Liquid Nitrogen Cryosurgery
• Dermatological Surgery

Jeffrey N. Martin, D.O.

Mark C. George, PA-C

Fort Myers – 15620 New Hampshire Court

15620 New Hampshire Court, Fort Myers, FL 33908-4168

Phone: 239-768-2057