Dr. McAtee & Care Team Invite You to The Office of the Future!

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The Medical Office of the Future is Here!

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla., (December 16, 2019) — Millennium Physician Group is thrilled to announce the opening of The Medical Office of the Future – a doctor’s office that leverages technology to the benefit of the patient in a way that’s never been done before. Not in Southwest Florida. Not anywhere. (Office location: 4130 Tamiami Trail)

“Millennium has been building an innovative technology ecosystem in support of the patient-physician experience for several years, assembling a combination of technologies that culminates in our new concept – The Office of the Future. This model saves patients’ time and puts them in control of their healthcare by clearing burdensome barriers we’ve come to accept. Paperwork and other clerical tasks are taken care of before arriving at the doctor’s office. Bottom line, patients spend less time in the waiting room and more time with their doctor discussing things that affect and improve their health,” says Millennium Chief Innovation Officer Jeffrey Nelson. 

Patients Services:

  • Appointment setting online
  • Appointment check-in from a mobile device
  • Ability to conveniently update insurance and pre-pay
  • Access to health records and message office through Millennium’s mobile app

The Office of the Future Offers:

  • Interactive digital displays teach patients about conditions and demonstrate treatments
  • Video visits and remote monitoring of patients with chronic illness
  • Exam tables automatically weigh patients and send vital signs directly to the doctor’s device
  • Secure integrated network reduces redundant paperwork and ensures accuracy of health info

“Millennium is using technology in a way that allows healthcare providers to spend more time caring for patients and strengthening the patient-physician relationship. Connecting with patients helps get them engaged in their own healthcare. In my experience, this approach leads to better health outcomes,” says Dr. David McAtee, Millennium’s Chief Medical Information Officer. “It’s exciting to be ahead of the curve and push technology to improve the patient experience.”

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