Target This to Take Charge of Your Heart Health

by Millennium Physician Group

According to the American Heart Association, now’s the perfect time to “Reclaim Your Rhythm” by creating or rebuilding healthy habits. There’s one simple and easy thing you can do to take charge of your heart health.

“High blood pressure – or hypertension – is the most common cause or heart disease and even heart failure,” says Millennium Physician Group Family and Sports Medicine Physician Patrick Murray, M.D. “It puts stress on the heart so it has to work harder, and that leads to other complications like thickening heart muscle that puts even more stress on the heart.”

In fact, one study found that prolonged hypertension can lead to heart failure in about 14 years. While forty seven percent of Americans have high blood pressure, only one in five actually have it diagnosed and adequately managed.

“It’s so common, but most people don’t know they have it,” admits Dr. Murray. “Less than one third of people with high blood pressure have symptoms. So it’s important to have it checked regularly, and it’s so easy. Just check in with your doctor at least once a year, or even stop by a pharmacy for a free reading.”

Once high blood pressure is diagnosed it’s easily managed and often doesn’t require medication. Dr. Murray says simple, logical diet and exercise changes are often enough; including lower sodium intake and increased activity.

“It’s one of the most common but also the most fixable things I deal with as a doctor,” says Dr. Murray. “Work closely with your doctor and take it seriously.”

Don’t miss a beat. Take the opportunity now to take back control of your physical well-being, and your heart is the perfect place to start.


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