Smart Food Choices Lower Your Risk for Colorectal Cancer

by Millennium Physician Group

“We’re becoming more aware how to avoid colorectal cancer,” says Millennium Physician Group Family and Sports Medicine Physician Patrick Murray, M.D. “There are things we can’t control, like family history and genetics, but let’s address the things we can control and nip it in the bud early.”

Certain foods are better than others when it comes to lowering your colorectal cancer risk. It all starts with limiting red meat and processed meats and eating more vegetables and fruits.

“The fiber content from fruits and vegetables is extremely beneficial for preventing colorectal cancer., and those foods are not dangerous or damaging as they go through your colon,” explains Dr. Murray. “And the iron in red meats has been shown to injure your colon, increasing your risk.”

Dr. Murray also suggests:

  • More whole grains – Aim for 90 grams of whole grains daily. They help your stools move and can flush cancer-causing compounds out of your colon.
  • Less alcohol – Moderate to heavy drinking (two or three glasses a day) can make you 20% more likely to get colorectal cancer.
  • Staying active -exercise is known to prevent colon cancer by about 24%.
  • Screening – starting at age 45 if you’re at average risk, and even earlier if you have a family history.

“With colorectal cancer, you don’t know there’s a problem until there’s a problem,” admits Dr. Murray. “Although you may feel fine, we want to screen. Colorectal cancer is very preventable if we just catch it early.”



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