by Andres Santayana, MD, Family Medicine

On average, men are less healthy and have shorter life expectancies than women, according to the Men’s Health Network. They report that this is partly because men are more likely to go long periods without seeing a healthcare provider and they’re less likely to practice preventive health measures. June is Men’s Health Month and the perfect time to shine a spotlight on some increased risks men face and how they can take better care of themselves.

Cardiovascular Disease

In general, men actually tend to have a much higher burden of cardiovascular disease. In fact, men tend to be about two times more likely than women to develop cardiovascular disease in their life.


Men in general are actually two to three times more likely than women to have diabetes, and men of the same BMI as women are also more likely to have diabetes. Men tend to not only develop it more, but have less diagnosis of it until it’s further along and have more complications from it.


Men just kind of avoid going to the doctor for the most part, and that’s where they end up getting into trouble. Even if you feel healthy and are doing well it’s still important to see your physician at least once a year for your physical. There are certain ages where we like to get some baseline tests or labs to screen for specific conditions, like colorectal cancer, high cholesterol and blood pressure, even osteoporosis.

Establish With a Primary Care Provider

You might have a family history of some things that we need to keep an eye out for. So really seeing your primary care provider, getting your physicals, and sharing your history and family history with your physician are so important. I encourage all men to take an active approach to their health, it could save your life.

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