Annual Wellness Visits

Medicare patients have the benefit of the Annual Wellness Visit that is 100% covered by Medicare.

Have You Scheduled Your Annual Wellness Visit?

Find out why the Annual Wellness is great for your care. 

Attention Medicare patients!   Did you know that Medicare currently offers you free preventative exams at your physician’s office?  These “wellness visits” are deductible free and a great opportunity to discuss with your physician your future screenings and healthcare plan.

These visits come at no cost to Medicare patients and Millennium Physician Group is pleased we are able to offer these “healthy” visits to our patients.  The visits include the “Annual Wellness Visit” and the “Welcome to Medicare Visit.”  As a Medicare patient you can only qualify for one of the free “wellness” visits this year.

What is the “Welcome to Medicare Visit”?

The Welcome to Medicare visit is to be performed within your first 12 months of enrollment.  During the exam your physician will update your current conditions, prescriptions, medical and family history.  Your doctor will make sure you are on schedule for future tests and screenings.  This visit is a one time exam so take advantage of this offer before your qualification period passes.

What is the “Annual Wellness Visit”?

The Annual Wellness Visit is a preventive services screening to help you plan for a healthy future.  This is an annual exam that is to be performed one year after the Welcome to Medicare visit has occurred.  During your visit you will be assessed on different factors that attribute to healthy living.  These assessments include depression screening, fall risk, home safety, and cognitive impairment.  Your physician will update your medical and family history, current conditions, prescriptions, other providers and suppliers.  Also you will be given an updated schedule for future tests and screenings.

Who qualifies for the “Annual Wellness Visit”?

If you have been enrolled in Medicare for over 12 months you qualify for the Annual Wellness Visit.  If you have not received the Welcome to Medicare Visit and it has been more than 12 months since your enrollment date you qualify for the Annual Wellness Visit.

What if I had an “Annual Wellness Visit” last year?

If you had an Annual Wellness Visit last year you qualify for a subsequent Annual Wellness Visit. You qualify for the subsequent visit one year after your initial Annual Wellness Visit. The subsequent visit includes an update to your screening schedule as well as an update to your past Annual Wellness Visit.

Why should I have a Welcome to Medicare or Annual Wellness Visit?

Both visits are 100% covered by Medicare. They also give you the experience to speak with your physician about your overall health. In most cases patient’s visit their doctor when they have a specific ailment. However, during your preventive visits your physician can focus on your overall health and your health plan for the next 5 to 10 years. Take the opportunity to talk to your physician about your health today!

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Note: Your visit is 100% covered by Medicare, however should your physician choose to perform further testing you may be subject to a co-pay or a deductible.