Inpatient Services

Our Inpatient Services team is made up of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants that treat you in the hospital or care facility.

We Are Here to Care for You at the Hospital.

We care for you when you need it most.  

As a patient of Millennium Physician Group we are here to care for you during all of your health care needs.  From acute illnesses to emergency care, our team at Millennium is here for you when you need it most.  One of the many benefits of being a patient at Millennium Physician Group is access to our Hospitalist Program.

Caring For You in the Hospital

This program is a special care collaboration network formed by your primary care providers to represent them whenever you are hospitalized in order to provide you with coordinated and seamless care during your stay at any of the local hospitals here in Southwest Florida.  Millennium Physician Group Hospitalists are  available to our patients 24/7.

Our team includes Nocturnists, Internal Medicine Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Hospitalists are able to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in your condition that may require a new medication, test, or procedure. Our Hospitalists work with a team of Discharge Planners, Patient Advocates, and hospital staff in coordinating your care so that you may recover faster and go home sooner.

Advantages of Being Cared for by our Hospitalists:

  • Hospitalists coordinate your care directly with your Primary Care Physician, ensuring your care is seamless and personalized for you.
  • In emergency situations, our Hospitalist team is always onsite to care for you.
  • Hospitalists are available to answer your questions, concerns, and always there to listen to you.
  • Our Hospitalist team has access to your Electronic Medical Record that includes your medical history, prescriptions, and allergies which allows them to create a more personalized plan for your health.

To guarantee you are seen by a Millennium Hospitalist during your hospital stay please alert the hospital during admission that would want to see a Millennium hospitalist as assigned by your primary care physician.  At any point during your stay please contact your physician’s office if you are not being seen by a Millennium hospitalist so that your provider can coordinate to have a Millennium hospitalist assigned to your care.

In the case of an injury or illness be sure to always call your primary care physician first who will coordinate your care whether it be a same day appointment, directing you to the closest Walk-in Medical Center, or to the emergency room.  Rest assured that Millennium is here to connect you to a healthier life.