Proper Medication Disposal

Millennium Physician Group encourages proper disposal of unused and unwanted prescription/non prescription medication.

FAQs About Unwanted Medications:

Will Millennium Physician Group accept my unwanted medications?
No, Millennium Physician Group is not an authorized collection location as outlined by the State of Florida and the DEA.

Can I just flush them or throw them away?
If a take-back program, mail back program, or authorized disposal site is not available, please follow the “Seven Steps to Safety” as outlined on the Florida State Department’s website: Please note that all SW Florida Counties have authorized disposal sites.

Can I return them to my pharmacy?
Check with your local pharmacy to see if they accept unwanted medications, some are authorized collection centers.

Why the precaution?
Proper disposal of unused and unwanted drugs is important because it lowers the risk of misuse. Be sure to remove labeling on the medication bottle to keep someone from renewing and abusing your prescription. Be sure to properly dispose of medication to prevent poisoning of children and pets. Proper disposal will help you avoid health problems from accidentally taking the wrong medicine, too much of the same medicine, or a medicine that is too old to work well.  Last but not least, proper disposal keeps our water systems pure.

Click here to find more information on disposal.

How to Dispose of Unwanted Medications

Have you been storing your unused medication because you weren’t sure what to do with them?

Worry no more! Click the link below to find a location near you to properly dispose of your unused and unwanted medication.