Preventing Activity-Related Injuries

by Millennium Physician Group

by Patrick Murray, MD, Millennium Physician Group

Getting older doesn’t have to mean giving up the activities you love. In fact, today’s seniors are more active than ever before. But for some older adults, more activity also means an increased risk of injury. Activity level as you age does not have to decrease, but it may need a little bit of a different structure.

It’s important to put safety first to avoid getting sidelined by a fall or injury. Don’t stop reading this because you say you’re not an athlete. Walking, gardening, or even household chores can lead to joint or back injuries and aches. In fact, overuse injuries are the most common sports injuries among older patients. The main reason for activity-related injuries among active, older adults is that flexibility and reflexes decrease with age.

The best ‘treatment’ for sports-related injuries is prevention, and my top tips for preventing injuries are:

  • Take is slow and steady. Be gradual anytime you’re trying new activities or trying to increase your activity level.
  • Try to be well-rounded. No matter the activity, work to strengthen the muscles around your hips and knees.
  • Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns or if you have an old injury. Let me know, and I’ll help guide you about the safest way to do it.

And if you do suffer an injury, you don’t have to live in pain. For anybody who’s, right now, dealing with joint or back pain, the most important thing is to go and see your doctor. Your doctor can work with you on getting you back to your best health and function. Let’s work on getting you back out there, moving and doing what you want to do. I want you out there enjoying yourself with your friends and your family and having fun with everybody. But we’ve got to do it together.

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