Secrets to Successfully Starting a New Diet and Exercise Plan

by Millennium Physician Group


Promising to eat better and exercise more in the new year sounds simple enough, right? But how can you start and stick to changes and have a healthier ‘22? Millennium Physician Group Family Medicine Physician Aschanti Abarca Selva inspires us to do and feel better.

“You have to balance what you put in and what you burn out as well,” Dr. Abarca Selva advises. “You can not expect that if you’re overeating and under exercising you’re going to lose weight.”

Sounds easy, right? Well, it can be. You will lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume. This means eating fewer calories, exercising more, or ideally a combination of both. And you also need to be realistic about your goals.

“Small goals are easier goals to reach, says Dr. Abarca Selva. “If you have not worked out in years or have never worked out and you’re planning to do so, don’t expect to run a marathon. Do 15 minutes a day and start increasing the amount of your physical activity.”

Dr. Abarca-Selva also advises steering clear of fad diets or anything that promises quick or extreme weight loss.

“A clean diet is a better diet and really, a clean diet, it’s not an elaborate diet,” she clarifies. “It’s very simple. So the cleaner we eat, the better our body functions. Moderation is the key to success. Because this is more of a way of life and changing habits.”

Changing our habits can be challenging, but the payoff is so much more than just numbers on the scale, it can add years to your life.


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