Tackling Your Top Excuses to Not Get a COVID-19 Vaccine

by Millennium Physician Group

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No more excuses, experts say vaccines are the key to ending the Pandemic. Millennium Chief Medical Officer Alejandro Perez-Trepichio busts more of the top COVID-19 vaccine myths, in part three of our special series.


I can still taste and smell, so I must not have COVID.

“Among the symptoms that initially help us diagnose, certainly in the office, a patient who will come with a cold, a cough, fever, it was the lack of smell. So it certainly was a very distinctive manifestation that led us to believe that we may be in the presence of COVID.

Now, interestingly enough, some of these symptoms with the delta variant are not present. So, the fact that you do not have some of these characteristic symptoms of the initial variant, does not imply that you don’t have COVID.”


The COVID-19 vaccine will make me get a positive COVID-19 test result.

“The COVID vaccine will not cause you to test positive when you’re vaccinated, or after the vaccination. So it will not interfere in the testing.”


The COVID-19 vaccine will permanently affect a woman’s menstrual cycles.

“Among other prominent considerations has been the interference, if you will, with the menstrual cycles and the vaccine. Although in some reports, it has been brought up that there is an alteration, or prolongation, or heavy menstrual cycles in vaccinated women, it’s relatively a small side effect. Maybe an inconvenient one, but to this point, there have not been proven to be any significant side effects beyond that.” 


Vaccines won’t help end the Pandemic.

“If we don’t do it quickly, we are not going to achieve. The longer it takes us to achieve herd immunity is a problem, because more variants become, or could become, prominent. So getting vaccinated is extremely important.”

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