Americans are living longer, but how can they live healthier? Life expectancies are increasing and that means doing everything we can to stay healthier longer.

“As someone ages, they have to age gracefully,” says Millennium Physician Group internal Medicine Physician Bruce Lipschutz, D.O. “And that means staying as fit as you can.”

He adds staying “fit” is a whole-hearted endeavor. “That means stretching, that means Pilates or yoga, that means some light weight lifting, as well as aerobics. Very important and it keeps a good heart. Keeps the mind well.”

Heart and mind are biggies, and as the number of Americans 65 and older is projected to nearly double by 2060, they – and all of us really – could benefit from establishing a strong, trusting relationship with our primary-care provider.

“Peace of mind is everything in medicine,” says Dr. Lipschutz. “If you have something that you’re very concerned about, a spot on your skin, or a cough, or anything saying, ‘No, this is okay.’ or ‘This is not okay,’” is where we need to go in a physician and patient relationship.”

Dr. Lipschutz admits that the patient-physician relationship is precisely why he went into medicine more than 30 years ago. “I think the primary-care doctor or provider helps be the conductor of this symphony of a patient’s health.”

And together, Dr. Lipschutz says, we can continue to make the sweetest music.

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