Month: March 2023

  • A Letter to Patients from Millennium’s Director of Value-Based Pharmacy Dear Valued Patients,   Taking your medications as prescribed is an important step in preventing complications from your chronic health conditions. Complications from diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol can be severe and may even increase your risk of hospitalization and poor [...]
  • The Importance of Medication Adherence  If you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol your doctor may prescribe you a statin medication to help manage it. But getting that prescription is just half the battle. Millennium Physician Group Clinical Pharmacist Brittany Orr explains how to harness the full power of your prescription.   “When you think about statins, [...]
  • You May Have More Time to Enroll! According to our trusted HealthShare360 Medicare experts, if you live in an area that was impacted by Hurricane Ian and this prevented you from taking action, such as enrolling in a plan or making changes to your current plan, over the Annual Enrollment Period (Oct 15 – Dec [...]
  • Sadia Khanani, MD, FSBI Naples Imaging Specialist Sadia Khanani, MD, FSBI is fellowship trained in breast imaging from Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital and was most recently an Associate Professor of Radiology at Mayo Clinic. She brings her years of expertise from top-ranked medical centers and her strong clinical and research background to provide you [...]
  • Spring Clean Your Sleep Routine A good night’s sleep sure seems to put a little pep in our step. But can you really sleep your way to better health? Benjamin Franklin said, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” and more recently Beyonce was quoted in an article [...]